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Dr. Newman has unique expertise not only as a state licensed psychologist and school psychologist, but as a clinical neuropsychologist and board certified school neuropsychologist. This combination of expertise allows for insights that very few other neuropsychologists can offer. In recent years, there has been an explosion of knowledge of specific learning disabilities and research based programs.

A diagnosis of reading disorder for example says very little about a student’s difficulty that you don’t already know. Our evaluations pinpoint the difficulty distinguishing between decoding vs. comprehension problems, and if the problem is in decoding words, whether this is due to difficulties phonics or visual word form (or both). Often school regions offer a “one size fits all” reading program and your child may not be doing well because the school’s reading programs is not address your child’s difficulty with reading.

The following types of evaluation that can clarify difficulties in this area are:

Psychoeducational Evaluations 

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Reading Evaluations

Extended Time