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"Your testimony today was very helpful, and the parent was in tears afterwards, saying she was grateful that someone came along who really knew how to evaluate him. She is hopeful that his life will be significantly improved now that we have a better understanding of his issues and needs."  – Attorney

A great deal of his practice relates to evaluation of cases where the plaintiff requests a “Fair Hearing.”   The evaluator’s unique expertise of both a clinical and board certified school neuropsychologist almost always reveals the types of issues and services needed by the student. Dr. Newman also works as approved independent provider (AA2) for the Department of Education and has vast experience with contracted out evaluations.  If you have a child with disabilities and you believe that he or she has not been provided a free and appropriate public education or reasonable accommodations, you can request a hearing. At a hearing, an impartial hearing officer listens to both sides of the disagreement and decides if anything went wrong and how to fix it.  The combination of “knowing both sides” often is very advantageous to leading to positive outcome for his clients.



Dr. Newman has over twenty years’ experience in evaluating court related cases related to lead poisoning, traumatic brain injury, and other conditions related to defendant’s cause. While he testifies frequently on these matters, for the most part, the evaluation and reports very often lead to a settlement.

Dr. Newman has expertise in the following areas:

Traumatic Brain Injury   Lead Poisoning 

Dr. Newman currently provides neuropscholgoical evaluations for the following law firms: 

*Aaronson Rappaport Feinstein & Deitsch, LLP.  * Cuddy Law Firm * Friedman & Moses* Gina M. DeCrescenzo, Esq. *Law Offices of Erika Hartley, Esq. * Law Offices of Jeffrey Marcus, P.C. * Law Offices of Nancy Rothenberg, PLLC * Partnership for Children's Rights *

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