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Dr. Newman’s supervision provides practitioners an opportunity discussion of psychodiagnostic and neuropsychological testing. It offers comprehensive information on assessment practices and procedures. Appropriate for all experience levels, individual or group meetings focus on the nuts-and-bolts of test administration, interpretation and diagnosis. Participants are encouraged to bring in relevant clinical material.


              * Improve the quality of reports.

              * Gain a better understanding of the most relevant, up-to-date tests available.

              *Learn strategies to make report writing easier through the use of templates.

              *Improve your facility in choosing the appropriate test(s) to use when determining a diagnosis, i.e:
               Asperber's disorder
, dyslexia, dyscalculia, attention-deficit disorder, etc.

              *Learn how to present your test findings/results in the most efficient, effective way with your        
               particular audience in mind, i.e. schools, the courts, medical doctors, etc.
              *Improve your reports with specific research-based accommodations and recommendations.

              *Review neuroanatomy and its relationship to the testing process.

              *Learn how to testify in court.